413 IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY10+ billion in 10 years is NOT relief!

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Help your community. Get involved today.

We are a grassroots community organization that has come together to put a stop to the senseless and costly highway 413 planned through our countryside and greenbelt, when an extraordinary alternative already exists along the 407 corridor to satisfy growth needs for the next 30 years.

What is Highway 413?

The Ontario government proposes a new highway, known as the GTA West Corridor or Highway 413, to be built only 15km north of Highway 407. The proposed highway route, highlighted in red in Figure 1, will stretch over 50km from the 401 in Halton, overtop of Brampton, cut through Caledon, and connect with the 400 in Vaughan. Join our community and see how you can get involved in stopping the 413 today!

What is the issue?

The new proposed Highway 413, which requires the sacrifice of our vital green spaces, is being fast-tracked without a proper environmental assessment. The Ford Government has recently revived the once rejected proposal for the Highway 413 project, which cuts across the Greenbelt (a strip of 'permanently' protected green space), productive farmlands, wetlands, and forests.
  • Not necessary as 407 solves for all the stated problems
  • Greenbelt destruction
  • Traffic chaos at hwy 400 & 413 similar to Allen road dead ending at Eglinton
  • River systems extreme pollution – salt and toxins that are not sequestered
  • Sprawl facilitation – opens 30,000 acres of low rise sprawl
  • Massive budget spent for all the wrong reasons instead of what is necessary
  • Public policy with privatized gains
  • Goes against all environmental mandates for public policy Transit Oriented Communities
  • Does not save 30 minutes drive time – 407 was not included in transit studies
  • Construction chaos for decades to come
  • Old thinking promoting legacy problems

What is the solution?

Funding for the under utilized highway 407 corridor is the solution.
  • Hwy 407 is running at 20% capacity
  • Opportunity to buy out foreign partner and open to public in exchange for the 407 hydro corridor development plan
  • Bury hydro lines opens 7k acres from Oshawa to Milton plus another potential for 20k acres within a km from this line
  • Rail line from end to end 110km
  • 39 city nodes all tied together by rail and existing highway
  • Comprehensive master planning
  • Lands located in existing high density location
  • Ties together all radial public transit lines coming out of downtown Toronto
  • Can handle growth for the next 50 yrs – all zoning use types
  • Becomes a world changing development for its futuristic possibilities
  • Living lab for global best practices and tech – spinoff job creation multiplier effect for generations to come
  • Redirects massive 413 expenditures for essentials needed now

Want to learn more?

Many great resources exist to learn more about how you can get more information and get involved. Take action by joining our Facebook group, writing to your local MPs, MPPs, and Councillors

Invest our money responsibly! Healthcare, schools, senior care transit!



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IN THE NEWSHighway 413 News Headlines

In The NewsPeople are now suing the government over a controversial new Ontario highway

Last week, Premier Doug Ford revealed Ontario’s extravagant plan for improving transportation around the Golden Horseshoe in the next few decades, which includes a spate of new public transit projects, as well as, more controversially, two new major freeways — one of which people have just launched a lawsuit over.

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